USA: coast to coast
October 19, 2013

Normally when you go on holiday, you base yourself in one particular resort and only end up experiencing a small part of the country you’re visiting. However,  check estrace price comparison and read estrace reviews before you buy estrace online from licensed canadian pharmacies. going on a backpacking holiday in America gives you a chance to see a whole cross section of places from the east coast to the west coast.

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There are many tour itineraries out there that will allow you to do just that as part of a group of like-minded travellers, but before you book up let’s take a quick look at the kind of sights you could expect to see on a coast to coast trip:

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If you’re travelling from the UK, the east coast is a great place to start because it’s just a short flight across the Atlantic.

The most obvious destination to fly into is New York, one of the world’s greatest cities, which frequently tops travellers polls. Everyone should experience the buzz of Manhattan once in their life and enjoy the views from the Empire State Building, the serenity of Central Park and bright lights of Times Square.

Another place to start your American adventure that has a completely different feel is the Sunshine State of Florida, where you’ll find world-class theme parks, white sand beaches and some proper party cities such as Miami.

The city in which you start your adventure will affect the route you take across the USA heading west. From New York you can either head north-west, visiting the Canadian border cities before making a beeline for San Francisco, or head south-west along the path of the old Route 66 and end up in Los Angeles.

Being so far south, the north is out of reach from Florida, so it makes sense to work your way through the Deep South and then on to southern California.

Middle ground

Between the east and west coast are a huge number of potential stop off points – the national parks (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and so on), big cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas and San Antonio, regions of interest such as the Deep South and Wild West, and many more quirky sites in between, such as Roswell, where aliens were said to have landed in 1947.

Obviously you can’t visit them all (unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands), so it’s a case of joining the dots between your point of entry and your final destination.

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The most obvious end points for your journey, as mentioned above, are Los Angeles in the south of California (the end of the road for Route 66) and San Francisco further north, both of which are packed full of attractions that will make for an enjoyable ending to your trip.

LA tempts visitors with its surf culture, Hollywood scene and Disney theme park, while San Francisco has the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, eerie Alcatraz prison museum and foodie heaven Fisherman’s Wharf.

Again, it’s entirely up to you where you start, where you end and where you visit along the way. If you’re short of time and cash, you might want to skip the centre and fly from one side to the other – giving you a nice contrast between manic Manhattan and sunsoaked LA.

Whatever you do, backpacking from coast to coast is a great way to see more than one side to the USA.