Choosing Where to Travel, Travel Brochures and all
November 22, 2012

When planning a summer holiday my first port of call is still always to my local travel agent. There I can browse through a brochure on every country I could possibly wish to go.

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Collecting masses of travel brochures I would return home and with my friends and family begin to shift through the collection of travel brochures. Trying to decide where we wanted to go was made easier by the advent of the travel brochure.


Sitting by the fire with a glass of wine, flicking through the glossy travel brochure still sends tingles through my body. A summer holiday is a luxury many of us can only just about afford. The travel brochure is still the classic embodiment of a British summer. Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa wherever. We Brits need our week of sun in a far-flung land.


Choosing the right holiday usually starts in the winter, the smell of the buy baclofen online from uk – can you take 2 10mg cialis. best prices for all customers! walgreens zoloft cost . instant shipping, prednisone generic or brand prednisone buy from uk order prednisone generic zoloft online. overnight printing buy amoxil online, amoxicillin erythromycin interaction, how often should you take amoxicillin for strep throat. buying baclofen in toronto canada best prices online pharmacy no script baclofen online cheap baclofen 25 mg to buy in uk baclofen 25 mg shipped from  still fresh, the travel brochure is poured over like no other.


The travel brochure opens up a range of holiday options, they introduce new destinations to those who might otherwise just pump for the standard Mediterranean week in the sun.  Opening up new destinations is what travel brochures are all about. They excite the senses through their portrayal of Rome city breaks , Tuscany country outings, and Ibiza beach nights, along with the classy photos and easy to digest facts and pricing.
The humble travel brochure may have been overtaken in the internet age by up-to-date information, special offers and customer reviews yet there is still something special about leafing your way through a travel brochure.

The way we book our holidays is changing, the excitement of heading down to the local travel agent, the travel brochures, the trust you place in the agent to find you the best deal, the handing over of cash to confirm the booking, the wait for the tickets and itinerary to be dispatched by post, the wait, my goodness the wait for departure. All these things hark back to a golden era of travel, a golden era of holidaying in the sun.


But it can be saved, next time you are planning your holiday, combine internet research with a trip to the travel agent. Pick up their free travel brochure and find new destinations.