Tips For First Timers At Falls Creek
September 13, 2019

I had no desire whatsoever to try my hand at skiing. I had heard how cold it can be, how hard it is, how easy it is to get injured and how you just end up drinking all night long. None of that sounded appealing to me. After looking at the falls creek weather all I could think was – why would I leave the comfort and warmth of my own home?   So as you can tell, it took a hell of a lot of persuading from my friends to make me join their 3 day trip to Falls Creek. But after a day I finally figured out why people love skiing so much. From the second we started going up on the lift to on the mountain I was in, now I think I’m going to be addicted to it.


The Skiing

I put on all my gear and ski boots, the headed on my to the first lesson. The first thing I noticed was that I could put my skis on and get on a lift, or I could carry my skis and stand on a different type of lift – I recommend the second option if you’ve never had a lesson. People were super friendly too, they can see when you’re a complete novice and will help you on your way.

Have A Lesson

Having a lesson is an absolute must. I instantly felt at ease and realised there was a way I could figure this skiing thing out, it even turned out to be quite fun. After being given a few pointers over an hour or two you will avoid wiping out on your first day. After the lesson I rejoined my mates and off we went down some of the green runs together, it felt really thrilling trying to keep up with everyone and actually being able to do it.


Have Fun Off The Slopes

There are loads of other fun things to do at a ski resort, it’s not all about the skiing. You can go on a snowmobile tour at night which is amazing, snow biking, snow tubing and tobogganing too – there’s actually too much fun now I come to think about it!

Enjoy The Tasty Food

One skiers do have in abundance is a trillion and one choices of amazing places to eat at the Falls Creek resort. It is easy to stroll through the town and find somewhere to eat – I highly recommend Summit Ridge as the best place for a good dinner.