Things You Must See In Turks and Caicos
March 14, 2017

The Turks and Caicos islands are absolutely filled with things to do, see and much more than you could possibly achieve in one trip. I have been lucky enough to go a number of times and I have definitely learnt what the best things to see are. Because of this I thought it might be the perfect idea to make a post about the best things to do there and share it with you all. I hope you enjoy reading more about some of the best things that you can see in turks and Caicos.

Ocean Hole

It could be very tempting to simply stay by the beach in one of the luxurious Turks and Caicos villas, but there is so much out there waiting for you. In particular Ocean Hole located off the coast of Middle Caicos is one of the things that you must see. At close to twice the diameter of the Great Blue Hole of Belize and an enormous three times the diameter of the Dean’s Blue Hole i the Bahamas, this blue hole is an amazing sight to see. The hole is almost 80 metres deep and was formed by the Karst process, which means that as sea levels varied over time the water dissolved parts of the limestone foundation of the island and created unique formations such as these. The hole can be seen very clearly from the air, where it appears as an extremely dark blue due to the extreme depth. You can also swim and snorkel across the blue hole, which is something I was lucky enough to do.

Grace Bay Beach

This is the premier beach of Turks and Caicos and is located on Providenciales. Think of endless coastline (well about 5 kilometres of it), aqua blue waters that are extremely clear and white sand, and then you have an idea of what Grace Bay Beach looks like. The water is extremely clean too and there are no rocks, seaweed or pollution to hinder what will be one of the best experiences that you ever have on a beach! The barrier reef is also located at about one and a half kilometres out from the beach, which also helps to protect the beach from ocean swells and other objects that would otherwise wash up on the shores of the beach.


No to do list for the Turks and Caicos islands would ever be complete without including diving in the mix, especially when you think about the fact that the third largest barrier reef on the earth is located here! The barrier reef is home to many species of coral for you to see and enjoy, as well as many other forms of marine life like sea turtles or barracudas. Apart from this there are a number of very interesting dive sites that can be found near South Caicos, for example a Convair CV-440 airplane wreck and some amazing deep crevasses in the barrier reef. This is one of my favourite diving destinations on the planet without a doubt.