Travel Tips
Relaxing getaway ideas
January 25, 2014

Christmas and New Year might be lots of fun, but they carry with them a certain amount of stress. So, for that matter, do the increasing demands of daily life. If you’re feeling the tension mount, I think it’s worth booking yourself a relaxing break, whether for a long weekend or a full-blown holiday – […]

Hawaii: the Perfect Destination for Couples
September 11, 2013

Perhaps you are newly married, or maybe you have been together for years: regardless, Hawaii is one of the most romantic getaways the world has to offer. Just traveling to the middle of the Pacific Ocean with your significant other is enough to forget the hustle of a busy city life. Before you and your […]

New Zealand Holidays on the Cheap
June 8, 2013

Amazing natural parks, friendly cities, and a rich cultural diversity—New Zealand has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, despite what a beautiful place and wonderful holiday destination the “Land of the Long White Cloud” is, the high cost of living there can be a serious obstacle to those wishing to have an extended and relaxed […]