Road trip: Milan to Verona via beautiful lakes
December 2, 2013

Milan and Verona may only be an hour and 40 minutes’ drive apart, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal start and end points for an Italian road trip – especially if you’re keen to see some of northern Italy’s stunning lakes. But what route should you take, and where should you stop along the […]

Italy is a wonderful country for a walking holiday, as there’s just so much variety in terms of the landscapes and difficulty of the trekking trails. Although there are excellent hiking routes in almost every part of the country, we’ve narrowed it down to three areas that we think really stand out. The Dolomites First […]

The 5 most famous sights in Italy
December 23, 2012

┬áItaly has an absolute trove of proverbial sights, earning it the title of having the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites on earth. With two millennia worth of architecture, art, and monuments, picking the five best sites is no simple feat. Hop aboard one of the many flights to Pisa and begin your whirlwind trip to […]