South Africa’s Best Wildlife Reserves
June 17, 2013

South Africa is the ultimate safari destination for those keen to catch a glimpse of the Big Five in terms of game while on holiday. So for the opportunity to see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo as well as many other animals besides, South Africa is the place to be.

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A trip with Wanderforth will help you to maximise your chances of sightings in these amazing locations. With so many wildlife reserves to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start, so here is a guide to some of the best the country has to offer.

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Since it was established in 1898 the Kruger National Park has worked to protect the native wildlife that lives across its two million hectares of land. As well as 147 mammals and 507 different species of birds, the park is also home to 114 types of reptile, 34 amphibians and 49 fish.

Located across South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, Kruger sits to the northeast of the country not far from the border with Mozambique.

With more species of large mammals than any other game reserve on the continent you have a good chance of seeing some really exciting animals. All of the Big Five are present in the park, with large numbers of impala, giraffe and zebras also living within its vicinity.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Not far from the border with Botswana in the north of South Africa is the Madikwe Game Reserve, which features great diversity in terms of geographical features. Volcanic activity helped to form the landscape, which also has vast swathes of open plain and the Marico River that runs through it.

A total of 66 different species of mammal can be found in Madikwe as well as up to 300 bird species depending on the time of year. It stretches for 60,000 hectares and is enclosed by a perimeter fence meaning that none of the large animals can stray to an area where they risk being killed by poachers.

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The Pilanesburg Game Reserve’s location between the dry environment of the Kalahari Desert and an area of Lowveld vegetation means that you will see wooded valleys and gorges contrasted with wide open grasslands.

As well as the Big Five, there is the possibility of catching sight of brown hyenas, cheetahs and sables, although these rare species are more likely to be seen at night. More than 300 types of bird have also been recorded within the limits of the park, making it a paradise for twitchers.

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The scenery in the KwaZulu-Natal Nature Reserve makes for a spectacular backdrop for seeing wildlife. Tear your eyes away from the beautiful mountains and stunning waterfalls to gaze at the majestic black eagles and bearded vultures.

Across nearly 8,000 hectares there is the chance to see big game as well as rarer species. Its position on the coast also offers the unique experience of seeing marine wildlife in its natural habitat.

Choosing which of these spectacular destinations to visit will depend on the priorities for your trip, but each one offers something special. The differences in size and geography will influence your choice, as will the wildlife that you will see.