Road trip: Milan to Verona via beautiful lakes
December 2, 2013

Milan and Verona may only be an hour and 40 minutes’ drive apart, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal start and end points for an Italian road trip – especially if you’re keen to see some of northern Italy’s stunning lakes. But what route should you take, and where should you stop along the way?

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Among the things you shouldn’t miss is the world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper, which you can see at the Refectory at the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie. As a quick tip, it’s well worth booking your viewing ahead of time, since this is, understandably, an immensely popular attraction that gets booked up well in advance.

Next on your list should be the spectacular Gothic masterpiece that is the Duomo di Milano. This 11,700 sq ft building is awe-inspiring not only because of its size, but also thanks to the stunning sculptures and paintings that decorate it. If you have time, make sure you head up to the roof – it offers breathtaking views of the city.

Once you’ve finished exploring Milan, it’s time to hop in the car and begin your road trip in earnest. To explore the lakes, you’ll initially need to head away from your final destination of Verona, driving for around an hour and a half to the lovely Lake Maggiore.

An excellent place for hiking thanks to its cool microclimate, Lake Maggiore is also great for things like leisurely boat rides and even island hopping, since it is home to the small Borromean Islands. Spend a night or two here before driving to Lake Como, which should take roughly an hour and 40 minutes – and will set you in the right direction for reaching Verona.

Lake Como is generally considered to be the prettiest of all the lakes, being located in the shadow of the Alps. What’s especially nice about coming here is that the villages and towns on the lake’s edge are almost as scenic as the lake itself, making them a delight to explore – Bellagio is a particular highlight.

Next up, you’ll have a two-and-a-half hour drive to Lake Garda – the final lake on our list, and one of the most popular in Italy. This is definitely the place to come to if you fancy getting active, since there are just so many ways to do so, including sailing, walking and rock climbing.

The final leg of your journey will be the hour’s drive to Verona, where you can immerse yourself in its amazing heritage. Its most famous landmark is the Arena Roman Amphitheatre, which is the third largest of its kind in Italy.

Able to hold thousands of people, this historical site is renowned for the quality of its acoustics, which means it is still used to host concerts today – if there’s something on during your stay, it’s well worth checking it out, since seeing a performance here is a unique experience.

Another must-visit is Juliet’s House on Via Cappello. Come here and you can see the balcony from the famous Romeo and Juliet scene; in fact, you can even take a tour of the inside and stand on the balcony yourself. Also look out for the statue of Juliet, which couples traditionally touch to bring them luck.