Nursing and Medical Volunteer Opportunities on projects abroad
November 14, 2012

Whether you are interested in joining the medical profession or you are already a qualified practitioner, there are hundreds of opportunities to volunteer on projects abroad and gain vocational or life experience offering help where it is most needed.

There are many motivations for volunteering. For some it may be personal – a desire to help in a part of the world they love or in a field that they are passionate about. For others it may be vocational – a great way to gain a place to study medicine at university or a project in a year off from medical study. For some it may simply be a chance for some voluntourism – a great way to travel cheaply and still get far beyond the tourist trail.

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The following quotes from those who have worked as a 24/7 customer support – buy female viagra australia. but be cautious, purchase nursing or medical volunteer abroad show that volunteers can take home just as much as they give.

  • “Each day at work brings new challenges and rewards – experiences and adventures I will never forget.” (Ruth, nursing in Sri Lanka)
  • “The doctors and physical therapists were excellent at teaching and testing our knowledge, and we were allowed to assist in examinations.” (Eleanor, physical therapy in Nepal)
  • “I have loved every minute of my time on my elective placement in Mongolia; the challenges aren’t easy but the rewards are plenty.” (Adam, medical and healthcare elective in Mongolia)

(Quotes taken from

If you are interested in nursing and medical volunteer projects abroad here are five current opportunities that offer vocational and personal rewards whatever your current level of experience:


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Tailor-made medicine and healthcare elective placements are designed specifically to meet the needs of medical students training to be doctors, dentists, physical therapists, nurses and midwives. They are available in 11 countries across 5 continents including Ghana, India, Mongolia, Peru and Mexico.


Nutrition in Peru

Nearly a third of Peruvian children living in rural areas suffer from chronic malnutrition. As an intern on a nutrition project in Peru you will help families at risk of malnutrition in the rural community of Panticalle, located 4000 meters above sea level and two hours north of Cusco. You will be involved in educational workshops, nutritional research and providing practical help.


Occupational Therapy in Ethiopia

One way Occupational Therapy students can make their medical internship stand out from the crowd is by proving they are able to handle a bigger challenge such as that offered by an HIV project in Ethiopia. The rewarding Occupational Therapy projects available enable you to help sick or disabled children and adults to lead as normal lives as possible. Rehabilitation is often overlooked due to lack of money so your skills are sure to be appreciated.

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Public Health in Ghana

Whether you are a student looking to gain public health work experience or a qualified practitioner, you can contribute by helping local children and adults from Ghana who would struggle to access healthcare or afford treatment without outreach programs. Based in Kumasi you will live with a local Ghanaian host family whilst carrying out education, eye tests, malarial screening and other essential tasks with the local community.


Nursing in Jamaica

A nursing internship in Jamaica is a challenging and exciting experience where you can gain a great deal of valuable work experience alongside some of the most skilled doctors in the country. Based in Mandeville you will have the opportunity to work on a number of wards or specialise. There are opportunities for nurses in many other countries all over the world.

When choosing which volunteer organisation to go with, make sure you do a lot of research and read previous volunteers’ comments. Happy volunteering!