Must See Sites in Samarkand
October 3, 2016

Samarkand is a city that became a hub of the Silk Road, it’s famed by travellers and locals for the bustling bazars, magnificent minarets and jaw dropping architecture. When I visited Samarkand I was taken back by the ancient architecture that is nestled in what has become quite a modern city filled with Soviet buildings.

It was this contrast that I found most interesting, wondering through the bazars and getting a sense of how this city once was many years ago. The all of a sudden finding myself strolling down boulevards which were obviously constructed during the Soviet era.

Who doesn’t like getting lost in a city and then all of a sudden stumbling across a little treasure that you won’t find in the guide books? I know I am, along with most intrepid travellers are too. If there’s ons place that fun to leave the map at home and just head off on foot to explore it’s this place!


Of course there are some sites that you simply cannot afford to miss. After you’ve enjoyed a hearty breakfast at your Samarkand hotel it’s time to get out there and tick off some amazing sites. If you’re short on time then here are 3 of the best that the city has to offer.

The Registan

This is easily the most famous site in Samarkand. This jaw dropping sprawling Registran is a mass complex of madrasahs.  Thery were built from the 15th century all the way through to the 17th century, the best part about them is that have been so well preserved by the local authorities. Make sure you bring your camera because I guarantee these are sites you will want to treasure for years to come.

The Tomb Of Daniel

Probably one of the most unique places I have visited on my travels! This place is said to be the final resting place of the prophet Daniel who appears in the Old Testament. Our guide told us that legend has it that the remains are believed to grow each year, therefore the caretakers increase the size of the sarcophagus each year accordingly – they believe in this so much that it’s reached a huge 10 meters long!

I highly recommend visiting Samarkand, it’s one of the most unique experiences I have had. The people are friendly and I really felt that I was learning something with each site I visited.