Marrakech – the essentials
April 10, 2014

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Finding great accommodation is the easy part, just to make sure that the rest of your trip is great I have put a short list together of things that will help you along the way.

– If you are planning on staying it Essaouria then it is a good idea to call ahead to your hotel to see if they offer an airport transfer service. If they don’t then all you have to do is ask them to book your bus tickets for you, the trip takes around 3 hours and is extremely cheap. Once you arrive at the station you can arrange for the hotel to meet you there so that it’s easy to get from station to room.

– Pick up a sim card when you arrive. You ail be able to get one from the airport as soon as you arrive. They are extremely good value. There are cards that will give you call time, some local texts and also internet – so you can be online as soon as you step on the bus and it will help you pass the time by checking on your Facebook and emails.

– Carry change with you at all times. Having a few coins in your pocket is always handy to use when with small shops or in a taxi, I was often given the excuse that they didn’t have any change to give me. If you get that line and don’t have change you can always stand your ground and tell them you will wait until they get some change, it is of course much easier to just have the change on you in the first place.

– Eat Tangia! This was my favourite local dish during my time in Marrakech. It is a local delicacy made with meat, it is eaten with bread and is the perfect meal after a long day of exploring the sites. Don’t miss this dish, trust me!