Ibiza’s hidden places: Cala Comte and Cala Bassa
July 22, 2013

To most visitors, Spain’s island of Ibiza is a place to spend days in the sun and nights up dancing to the newest music in dynamic, high-energy nightclubs. It is a popular destination for a fun and exciting holiday. However, relaxation needs to be part of a holiday, too, why not try Group Holidays in Spain, they’re a great way to kick back. Where on Ibiza can a visitor get away from the thickest crowds and enjoy the ocean surrounded by natural beauty?

Cala Comte
Cala Comte

Of course the island of Ibiza has many miles of coastline, and much of its coast is ideal for sunning, swimming and people-watching in a calm and peaceful environment. Ibiza has beautiful beaches where there’s plenty of room for everyone, but they’re just a little bit off the beaten path. Make sure that you’ve prearranged a car hire in Ibiza pharmacy fedex doxycycline medication used for mail order generic renagel colchicine no prescription compare prices buy get rid of problems with potency — buy cialis online cheap! only in our baclofen online overnight buy  and start by visiting Cala Comte and Cala Bassa.

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Cala Bassa is a popular beach, but it is seldom overcrowded. It’s a great place for a nature walk and it has things to buy and entertainment for visitors, as well as amenities like clean public toilets, changing rooms and a beach-side snack bar.

Cala Bassa is on a stunning bay with clean sand and clear water. The bay around Cala Beach is rocky and topped with forests, and the views are beautiful. Clean, luxurious lounge chairs with parasols are available for rental and the water is good for swimming. It’s also a great place for water sports. Rent jet skis, join in a volleyball game or sign up for wind surfing lessons. Cala Bassa is a ideal place to go for a fun and active day.

The restaurant at Cala Bassa’s beach club is unusually good, and the snack bars and cafes emphasise healthy and delicious Slow Food. Visit Cala Bassa for a more refined seaside experience than the more crowded beaches in the towns can offer.

Cala Bassa is a fifteen minute drive southwest of San Antonio. It is accessible to the disabled, as it has lifeguards on duty. Cala Bassa can be reached by bus or sea taxi, as well as by car.

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A little further to the west, Cala Comte is another great destination for a day of sun and sea. It is five miles from the village of Sant Agustí des Vedrà and a little more than 15 minutes from San Antonio by car. Don’t neglect to explore the area around Cala Comte. It’s actually three small beaches rather than one, and each has a slightly different ambiance.

The water at Cala Comte is shallow and kept clean by the currents. It’s one of the best places on Ibiza to watch a sunset, and although the main beaches are sometimes crowded, it’s possible to hike to some lovely areas that are a bit more isolated, including a separate bay that’s popular with naturists.

Cala Comte is cradled in scenic, rocky outcroppings and it offers a view of two small islands. One of them is close enough to reach by swimming, for those with the skill and stamina. For those more inclined to bask in the warm sun, loungers and parasols are available. There are public toilets and lifeguards, and the main beaches are accessible to the disabled. There’s a beach-side bar and three restaurants within easy walking distance. Like Cala Bassa, Cala Comte is easiest to reach by car, but it can also be accessed by bus or sea taxi.

Why spend an entire holiday on Ibiza surrounded by crowds? Break away during the days and visit Ibiza’s most serene and scenic beaches. Cala Comte and Cala Bassa are both good places to start.