How to Learn Cantonese
March 14, 2016


Anyone looking to make a move to Hong Kong will greatly benefit from learning the Cantonese Language. Most Hong Kongers have passable English in the main city districts but soon after leaving them you may find communicating slightly more difficult. So if you are thinking of studying or working in the city it’s best to make an effort to learning at least a few common phrases in Cantonese. You’ll be pleased with yourself knowing the local language and the locals will appreciate that you took the time to learn too.


These are a few pointers that will make learning Cantonese in Hong Kong a lot easier.


Hire a Tutor

Finding a tutor in Hong Kong is simple. By finding a near-by tutor you can make the process of learning simple. Many tutors in Hong Kong will meet you in a public spot or even come to your work or home. A local tutor knows the language well and will enhance your skills very quickly. Getting the proper dialect and accent is important too. A local will be able to inform you how to perfectly enunciate your words. Having one on one time with a teacher is very helpful in learning.



Learning in a group setting where a teacher gives lessons to an entire class is also a good way to learn. Usually meeting anywhere between 3-7 times a week these classes can be taken according to your level of skill in the language. Starting with beginner and working your way up to advanced. You’ll have the benefit of speaking with others in the class and learning together.



There are a variety of different classes you can take online to learn Cantonese. You will just need to be focused and committed to practicing the online lessons each day. Setting aside at least 30 minutes a day is typically what it takes to learn a language.


Talk to Locals

Make sure you are speaking to people everyday in the language. Order your food, get directions, ask questions to people on the train or bus. This will boost your confidence and keep the language fresh and engrained in your mind. Once you have a small understanding immersing yourself is a must to retain the knowledge you’ve learned. If you have local friends or colleagues make sure you are speaking to them in Cantonese as much as possible even though it probably isn’t the most convenient.