Holiday Safaris in South Africa
March 25, 2013

South Africa is often described as ‘a world in one country’ due to its vastness, diversity and complexities. To put it simply, South Africa is a country of extraordinary contrasts: vast landscapes, a wild coastline, teeming game parks like Kruger national Park, Ado Elephant park and mkuzi, these are some of the few places in the country that make it perfect for a holiday Safari. South Africa has by far the largest reserve of wild life animals than any other country in the world. There are some species of animals that are found only in this region of the world and to see all of them in their natural habitat is truly a site worth watching. So, the next time you want to get away on an adventurous holiday, rest assured that South Africa is the place for you.

Different locations of the country offer different experiences for wild life enthusiasts. For instance, you can stand at the cliffs of Hermanus and watch the whales pass by when it’s migration season. Now, this is a site that you most certainly do not want to miss. If you are someone who loves to go on trail hikes then the beautiful mountains of Drakensberg give the perfect opportunity to not only walk through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world but also walk through areas rich in wildlife. This gives you a chance to witness some of the most fascinating wildlife animals up-close in their natural habitats.
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If you are someone who is not really interested in wild life adventures then don’t be disappointed because South Africa can offer you an alternative that is next to none. The wine growing regions of the country give you as good as an experience then any other in the world. Just imagine yourself walking through some of the most beautiful wine yards in the world smelling the aroma of the wine being brewed; who wouldn’t be tempted to have a glass or two? And when you have enjoyed the beauty and the zeal of mother earth to your hearts content the city of Cape Town with all its modernity, culture and life will be waiting for you. All these fascinating locations, enthralling and captivating you with their unique touch make South Africa a fine all round destination for your next safari Holiday.
Don’t think for a second that all this talk of wildlife, natural scenery and mother earth means that South Africa is by any means an underdeveloped country. On the contrary the country is considered as one of the largest emerging economies of the world and the superb infrastructure, brilliant roads, lavish restaurants and campsites are a testament to the development of this African country. New South Africa is truly a rainbow nation with all its different tribes, rituals and cultures existing in a well balanced state. Though the country has faced some serious political turmoil in the past, presently the situation has settled down which means that you can now easily have a truly memorable Safari holiday in South Africa and witness Mother Nature in its purest existing form.

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