French Backpacking Tips
February 13, 2014

France is famous for many things – great wine, cheese, outstanding landmarks and museums and a brilliant mix of city living, countryside and pristine beaches. Travelling through France can be pricey, and if you stay in an all-inclusive resort, even more so. Get to know the real France with our backpacking guide.

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When to Go
France is beautiful year-round, but it’s even better in the spring. It’s warm enough to enjoy the country without being too hot, but it’s also the time of year that the locals make the most of the balmy temperatures and head out of the city, so it’s definitely a great time to visit.

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Food and Drink
Wherever you go in France, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good meal. But if you’re counting the pennies and would rather spend your hard earned money on a private dorm room, the best thing to do is pop to a supermarket or to an outdoor market. Food bought from the supermarket is incredibly cheap and you can pick up a delicious cheese, a few baguettes and a bottle of very good wine for less than ten euros – and if you shop savvy, you can pick up a week’s worth of food for around 60-70 euros. Not bad at all!

Where to Go
There are more backpacking locations in France than you might think, so here are our pick:
• Paris – of course, Paris! The city of lurve, Paris has it all – the Louvre, the Seine, plenty of wonderful museums and some stunning landmarks. Walk along the Seine with a picnic or nip into one of the free museums for a budget-friendly day out.
• Loire Valley – one of the most picturesque spots in France, the Loire Valley is definitelyF worth a trip. Home to sweet villages, great wine and even better food, the Loire Valley is relatively inexpensive to visit and is packed with plenty to see and do.
• Nice – as the saying goes, Nice is nice! Find out just how nice Nice is for yourself by paying a visit. It’s a lovely way to soak up the warmer weather in southern France, especially if you don’t have the budget for Cannes.
• Lyon – A UNESCO World Heritage site, Lyon is home to small towns and villages and beautiful countryside. If you want to get to know medieval France and quite literally step back in time, Lyon is the place to be.

France is home to some of the most expensive landmarks and attractions in the world, but with clever budgeting and by backpacking, you can explore the best of what the country has to offer without breaking the bank.