Five tips for finding the perfect volunteer placement
September 25, 2013

International volunteering placements are a great way to see the world. Giving you the perfect opportunity to experience a new culture and then give something back to the community that welcomes you, volunteering is pretty much the perfect way to travel.

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So if you’re planning a placement of your own, you’re in for a treat. Just follow the tips below to make sure that you end up giving (and getting) everything you’re looking for.


1. Location

In some ways the location of you placement isn’t too important as you’re guaranteed to have an eye-opening experience wherever you end up.

What’s probably more important is deciding if you want to be in a city or the countryside; somewhere well connected or completely remote.


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When you first begin planning your placement, it’s natural that you’ll feel a little apprehensive, and sometimes this results in people taking a shorter placement than they would otherwise.

To get a really good feel for a country and a culture, try to stay for at least three months. If time is an issue, a month’s placement will still give you a great experience.


3. Project

One of the hardest decisions when planning a volunteer placement is deciding on the types of project that you want to participate in. Some people may already have a good idea of where their interests lie, but if you don’t think carefully about what sort of work you’d find the most fulfilling.

Often the choice comes down to teaching (either adults or children), environmental work or construction projects. Try to decide where your talents would be best utilised and where you could make the most difference.


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When you start researching volunteer placements, you may well be shocked by the prices quoted by some operators. However, you may be able to offset this a little by finding cheap flights on the web.

Volunteering abroad can be an exciting and life changing experience, so make sure that you choose your placement carefully, put all of your energy into the project you’re working on and throw yourself into the culture of your hosts and you’re guaranteed to have a truly unforgettable experience.

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