European Interrailing – what to pack!
June 24, 2013

Interrailing is a brilliant way to get the most from your summer break. Taking in Europe’s major cities in one fell swoop is an incredible experience. But, once you’ve decided to go and chosen your Balkan countries or culture tours then you need to know how to pack and what to pack.

With money generally tight for this type of trip, and space tighter, packing is likely to be harder than planning the route.

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You will find yourself with a greater ability to enjoy your trip thanks to the lack of things in your backpack. The trick to this has been well documented and has worked for many: take what you want, then turn it into what you need and then half it. With that you will have the lightest possible bag and the walking around won’t quite feel as bad when lugging it around.

Substance over style

Unless completely necessary, don’t carry heavy or formal clothing. Going in the summer, you’re unlikely to be shown any mercy whether you’ve packed one or five too many pieces of clothing. Shorts, t-shirts and flip flops are your friends and really you only need one pair of jeans for the whole time backpacking. Just make sure what you have is comfortable! Always remember what you don’t take you have to buy. Anything less than 10kg is ideal.

There isn’t particularly a one-stop all you need list, it’s more to do with wants and needs. It is summer so you don’t need a big jacket but more of a hoody or jacket. Think about sophistication but with practicality, so a single colour scheme might be worth a look.

Ladies, don’t forget tights and leggings which can both be fashionable and useful in times of need. Consider a large and a small purse while don’t take too many bras – three is probably enough (two for the day and one for sleep).

For both genders, don’t downgrade the value of tank tops and v-necks while sweaters and cardigans are a dream. Seven pairs of underwear – dec 20, 2014 – where to buy estrace no prescription needed in uk; lowest price generic estrace pharmacy cost over the counter; sales of estrace  check out a ladies’ selection here – should suffice while one pair of walking shoes, one pair of trainers and some flip flops may well be enough. This helps for those on a budget.

doxycycline monohydrate epididymitis doxycycline hyclate pills doxycycline online The essentials

Whatever happens, there are some things that you have to take with you. These essentials include your passport, ticket, insurance (vital!), debit card, cash, medication and a spare pair of contact lenses or glasses. Aside from that, documents like a copy of your passport, insurance details and a student card in case you get discounts at attractions.

Just remember

While you might not have everything with you on your trip, remember that it’s not about looking the part, it’s about the experience. These things come once and it’s about making the most of it so don’t take too much and always remember to take pieces of clothing you love, can layer, mix easily and are comfortable. Happy interrailing!