Cruising: a luxurious way to travel
January 27, 2014

The terms ‘cruise’ and ‘luxury’ seem to go hand in hand. In my opinion, cruising is the natural choice if you’re planning a long trip to many places and you fancy being completely pampered – but it’s perhaps not quite as obvious a choice for simply getting from A to B as part of a wider holiday. buy viagra online from an official certified pharmacy, overnight shipping, exclusive & competitive discount prices, express shipping & discrete packaging.

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I think this is probably because most of us view cruises as a holiday in themselves, and what with all the things you can do onboard there’s certainly more than a modicum of truth there. But they’re also an amazing choice as a means of transport.

If you’re planning to head to North America, for example, and you’ve got plenty of time to spare, you can opt for a cruise instead of a flight for a much more leisurely journey. To help you decide whether this is for you, I’ve put together a quick list of the luxurious advantages of cruising.

Transform your travel time

When you fly, take a coach or train, or drive, your holiday time is eaten into by these practical necessities. By swapping these for cruising, you get this time back, because you can do whatever you want while travelling.

In fact, given that cruise ships are usually equipped with absolutely amazing facilities that let you do everything from swim and surf to indulge in a spa treatment, I think it’s fair to say that you more than get your time back, simply because so many possibilities are laid before you.

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Most forms of transport aren’t exactly conducive to relaxation, and this is where cruises really stand out as a transport option. As I mentioned briefly above, many cruise ships have things like spas, so you can just unwind and enjoy yourself.

Of course, everyone has their own way to relax, and what I think’s particularly nice about cruises is that they give you the freedom to enjoy yourself in your own way. Splash about in the pool, read a book, go dancing – the opportunities are virtually endless.

Have the chance to see other places

One of the most obvious benefits of cruising is having the chance to see other places in addition to your chosen destination. That said, stopping at other cities and countries is not actually a given – there are, for example,  buy fluoxetine online, thuoc prozac 200mg, can you die if you take 200 street price prozac buy online no prescription uk generic prozac not working  12 may 2008 … buy zyban without prescription, the 50th anniversary tour 2008. legendary singer jack jones returns with his big band to the uk in may 2008 … lioresal 25mg, purchase lioresal, purchase lioresal online , generic lioresal, order lioresal online , baclofen tablets, order baclofen . Cunard cruises in 2013 that go straight from Southampton to New York. So, have a think about how important this element is to you – it might be that you’re happy to travel direct and just enjoy life onboard until you arrive.

Make new friends

Last on my list is the wonderful chance cruises give you to make new friends. After all, on most modes of transport people are crammed together like sardines and do their best not to make eye contact, let alone talk to each other. Cruising, however, is very different.

Because you get so many opportunities to take part in fun events and activities – such as dance classes – you will have plenty of opportunities to meet new and, perhaps most crucially, likeminded people. If you make some new friends early on in your trip, you’ll also have the advantage of having more company as you travel to your destination.