3 Wonderful Destinations to Volunteer
September 27, 2013

  TEACHING IN CHINA China is home to a fifth of the world’s population, with fascinating culture, architectural wonders, rich history and intriguing language. You will enjoy teaching conversational English skills to children, teens and adults, and you will get to get the true picture of China first hand. In Xi’an  you will teach English […]

International volunteering placements are a great way to see the world. Giving you the perfect opportunity to experience a new culture and then give something back to the community that welcomes you, volunteering is pretty much the perfect way to travel. order online at usa pharmacy! buy doxycycline 500mg . fastest shipping, cheapest place to […]

Ways to Help Communities in Crisis
September 9, 2013

On February 22nd 2011 a devastating series of earthquakes shook Christchurch in New Zealand. It was the country’s deadliest peacetime disaster and 185 people lost their lives. Much of the central city was razed to the ground including the iconic Cathedral building. The ensuing national state of emergency lasted until the end of April. One […]

Why volunteering in Peru is so rewarding
June 25, 2013

Peru has a staggering variety of climate and locales – from exotic jungles to coastal deserts to the majestic peaks of the Andes Mountains; the country really has it all.  Ripe for exploring and with a rich culture, it is one of the most exciting countries in the Americas.  Peru also boasts some of the […]

5 Great Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand
June 22, 2013

Thailand, nicknamed “The Land of Smiles”, is a place that once you go, you’ll never want to leave. For those looking to volunteer, it’s a country full of opportunities for meaningful interaction with local culture and nature. There are so many ways to travel here and give back at the same time through dedicated organizations. […]

Voluntary Opportunities in Lebanon
May 20, 2013

The Middle East is home to an array of opportunities for volunteers looking to get involved and Lebanon is one such location. Lebanon often tends to be overlooked by those who wish to travel abroad for voluntary experiences, which of course leads to lots of available causes requiring assistance. Ways in which you can volunteer […]

Panda Volunteering in China
December 30, 2012

I am all about free volunteering opportunities. But everything has an exception. Pandas are one of them (my mom lives in Chengdu and I swoon over pandas). By volunteering at a panda research center, you are helping to sustain the livelihood of these rare animals, which are estimated to number less than 1,600 in the […]

Volunteering should be as close to free as possible, with minimal expense associated. As Volunteering for Free states, “there’s a difference between covering your own costs and paying extortionately high fees to an agency.” Browse through these organizations below to find information on volunteer projects to make a lasting difference in these African communities. Each month, […]

Working Holidays in New Zealand
November 26, 2012

Working Holidays buy zyban online from a licensed canadian pharmacy. low prices guaranteed. ceftin treat mrsa ceftin reviews are a smart way to travel. If you’ve made the choice to pursue a working holiday in New Zealand, first thing you have to do is apply for a visa online. There are different requirements depending on […]

Whether you are interested in joining the medical profession or you are already a qualified practitioner, there are hundreds of opportunities to volunteer on projects abroad and gain vocational or life experience offering help where it is most needed. There are many motivations for volunteering. For some it may be personal – a desire to […]