3 Wonderful Destinations to Volunteer
September 27, 2013




China is home to a fifth of the world’s population, with fascinating culture, architectural wonders, rich history and intriguing language. You will enjoy teaching conversational English skills to children, teens and adults, and you will get to get the true picture of China first hand.

In Xi’an  you will teach English lessons in elementary, secondary or university classrooms to eager and appreciative students with all levels of language abilities. You can also extend your compassion to mentally challenged children housed in unique private special needs schools.  You can engage in some fun activities with your students after school such as shopping and sightseeing as you also learn about their culture.

Kunming offers a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate English skills and resources to teachers and help them improve their pronunciation, broaden their knowledge of English games that they can apply in their classrooms to improve learning. This will also help you to discover your potential.


South Korea boasts of some of the world’s most advanced communication and information technologies but still retains its identity including its unique language and strong cultural beliefs. Its capital Seoul is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world and is an intricate tapestry weaving of age old culture and modern innovations. It is a city with numerous opportunities for volunteer activities which you will find helpful to your future career and also improve you interpersonal skills.

You can reach out to the orphans who are unfortunately many across Korea and are in need of affection as the orphanages are understaffed and individual kids do not get enough attention from the care providers. You can contribute by providing daily care and being a great role model to those adorable kids.

Though most Koreans are willing to pay for a private English tutor there are many that cannot afford to pay for such luxuries. This is where you come in to make someone’s life better by joining the organizations that specialize in such activities.

Stay healthy in Korea by taking all your vaccines and taking malaria medications. You can also travel on a budget whilst on a break from your volunteering by hopping on a flight with any of the local airlines like Air Asia  and jetting off to other amazing destinations nearby.


Morocco is a unique country with interesting blends of cultures due to its ancient interactions with age old civilizations. Stunning landscapes extending from the traditional accommodation in the Atlas Mountains to the vast emptiness of the Sahara desert and the lengthy sandy beaches make this place a great destination for international tourists and volunteers.

The cities give you another opportunity to get lost into the beauty of ancient culture and modern developments. From rugged ruins of Fez to the cosmopolitan city of Rabat, numerous volunteer opportunities exist for you to exercise your much needed skills.

If you are passionate about health, then you can work in the understaffed health centers or provide health education to schools and teach children to care for their own bodies.

The women of Morocco are in dire need of skills that can help them earn a living and take care of their families, especially if they are divorced or single.

English teachers are also in demand so you can teach in schools or groups that are eager to learn, you will also improve your interactive skills that will help you in your career.