3 Reasons why we all need a credit card
February 28, 2014

Credit cards have become part of day to day life, you can see people using them more often now than 5 years ago. There is a reason for more people using them, it is because we understand them more and we also know how to use them in the correct way. If you use your card responsibly you can see so many benefits, one of the most apparent is things such as earning air miles. It is nice using your credit card for purchases safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving some sort of benefit for using it. If you want an idea of just how good the benefits are that are offered today then you only need to check out the buy advair diskus 250 50 advair diskus price philippines cheap Flonase Aeroplan reward chart for evidence. I obviously think that everyone should carry a a credit card with them at all times, you never know when it will be useful and how much you can benefit from choosing the right card. Here are 3 amazing reasons that will prove to you that credit cards can benefit everyone.

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Make Life Easier

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Credit cards can, and do, make it much easier for us to make purchases – whether that be in a shopping center or online. No one wants to be walking around with bundles of cash in our pockets, so a credit card acts as a great solution for this. There are also a lot of purchases where you will not be able to pay by cash, this is obviously the case when you are making a purchase online. The usual purchases that you won’t be able to pay cash for our airline tickets, hotel booking, renting cars, ebay, amazon and many other leading online companies. Having a credit card to make purchases just makes life a lot easier.

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Your are protected

No, you won’t have a private security guard walking around with you when you go shopping but you will have the next best thing. Every credit card usually comes with the offer of extra protection, this means that you have peace of mind. For example, if you make make a purchase and the item you purchase is either stolen, damaged or even lost then  you can use your credit card statement to start the process of finding a solution. If for any reason you have lost the receipt for your purchase then your card statement can act as a proof of purchase. A lot of credit cards also offer protection for their customers when they are making large purchases that cost a lot of money, the insurance that is offered gives you great protection!

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You never know when you will need a large amount of cash at any given time. A credit card an be a real life saver when you are in an unfortunate position. If you need to purchase emergency medical care whilst abroad, or your flights get cancelled and you have no way to get home then a credit card will come in very handy indeed! It is also good for making large purchases, for example if you need to book a holiday and don’t have the cash to hand then you can make that booking with out scrambling together all of the cash at one time.