You Too Can Experience Some Mysticism While in South Africa
January 3, 2014

The world is filled with people who practice different religions, have different creeds and speak different languages. Everyone knows something about some of the biggest and most popular religions of the world, such as Christianity, the Muslim faith, Buddhism and others. Especially in the West, during the cultural revolution that characterised the 1960s, many people turned to Eastern mysticism, hoping to find an answer to some of the angst which they felt about the state of modern Western culture. It was thus that many famous and high profile people, such as the Beatles, travelled to India in order to experience a different facet of life. Many spiritual retreats were created, especially in the Far East. But there is one also in South Africa, just outside of Durban, which is a wonder to behold and attracts people of all faiths, who come, sometimes out of pure curiosity, to experience its wonders. Welcome to the Sri Sri Radnath Temple of Understanding.

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Putting Chatsworth on the Map

Located just 20 km south of Durban, Chatsworth is a peaceful and tranquil town, the perfect place for a place of meditation and contemplation. It was in the middle of the 1970s, when the fascination with Oriental mysticism was at its height, that the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, otherwise known as ISKON for short, told his followers that they should build a temple in South Africa. A highly regarded guru, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada meant what he said, and his followers knew that. Even though they faced several obstacles, they got to work designing the most beautiful temple that could possibly imagine. Oak was imported from Japan and marble was brought in from Portugal and slowly, the temple began to take shape. It was finally inaugurated in October 1985.

Getting Away from It All

While you might not have contemplated taking time to visit a Hare Krishna temple while traveling through South Africa, visiting the Sri Sri Radnath Temple might very well be worth your while. For one, many people report that, regardless of their own particular religious beliefs, the temple offers a place of contemplation and peace that is unlike any other. Its huge vaulted ceilings, painstakingly decorated with gold leaf, as well as its unusual cone shaped towers, let visitors know that this is no ordinary temple. Many come to see the architectural splendour of the place, but wind up remaining for hours, just taking time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, entering into a state of more contemplative and peaceful quiet. The temple also serves excellent vegetarian meals, which are naturally prepared according to the Hare Krishna beliefs of not harming any animals. It really doesn’t sound like such a bad way to spend a day!

Enjoying Your Stay in Durban

Although the temple in Chatsworth is about 20km away it is well worth the visit. Durban itself has many attractions, such as miles and miles of white sandy beaches which delight visitors with its warm Indian Ocean seas. Finding a comfortable and accommodating place to stay in Durban is not a problem. generic drug for phenergan generic drug for phenergan phenergan online Lodges in Durban buy dapoxetine online herbs for treating erectile dysfunction. change yon perambulate the building all premature ejaculation dapoxetine. have all of the modern conveniences, offering sumptuous lodgings and excellent service.

Image courtesy of: anankkml