Top 5 Caribbean Islands
April 17, 2013

Sometimes winter feels like it will never end. If the snow has got you down and you’re dreaming of your next holiday destination, nothing sounds better than a tropical beach. Palm trees, drinks served in coconuts, upbeat music, and sand between the toes all come to mind. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Caribbean is an obvious choice of a destination. But with approximately 700 islands in the region, it might be tough to narrow down your personal paradise. Here are top five choices:

generic version of phenergan generic version of phenergan cheap phenergan Caribbean 11. St. Martin
It’s French! It’s Dutch! It’s both! Split lengthwise between two governments, St. Martin/St. Maartin has an intriguing mix of cultures packed into a small landmass. With lively cities, excellent food (many top chefs find their way from Europe to settle in a warmer climate), and a passion for relaxation, this is an obvious choice. Choose between laidback streets full of bakeries and cafes in the French north, or nightlife and partying on the beach in the Dutch south—or get the best of both worlds and visit both.

2. Jamaica
Is it clichéd? Maybe a little. But that doesn’t stop Jamaica from being a wonderful destination. In addition to the beaches, reggae bars, natural parks, and snorkeling options, the island has a distinct urban flair. This gives it a unique character that many find exceptionally charming. Jamaica is perfect for short trips from the US, as well as longer stays where visitors of all ages enjoy nightlife, golf, watersports, and everything else on offer. For obvious reasons, the people here are among the most chilled out in an already very relaxed region.

Caribbean 23. Barbados
Sophisticated but friendly, high class but affordable, lively but laidback, Barbados seems to have every vacation ideal covered. As with anywhere in the Caribbean, the main draw is the beach, but Barbados as additional tourist attractions inland such as magnificent caves and caverns that reportedly have some of the cleanest drinking water on Earth (we didn’t test it, try at your own risk). Parties on the island are known for including a welcoming mix of locals and international visitors, without the exclusive nature of some of the more elite destinations. For proof of this, check out the infamous Oistin’s Fish Fry on a Friday night. You won’t regret it.

4. St. Lucia
This is one island that is all about natural beauty. From the active Soufriere volcano to the twin Piton peaks to the black sand beaches located around the island, this is an unforgettable landscape. Enjoy beautiful flora, waterfalls, unspoiled rainforests, and mango trees. This is perhaps the most photogenic island in the region, and is great for exploring nature without worrying about appearances, parties, or fashion. When you have such a lush, tropical paradise in front of you, it’s easy to forget about such things.

Caribbean 35. Turks & Caicos
So far, these two groups of islands remain relatively undiscovered. Nowhere here is very busy, which is just the way we like it—turquoise coves, canoe trips to tiny islands, national parks, and great snorkeling and diving are all easily available. Prices are lower, people are friendlier, and everything is more relaxed. There’s a fair amount of history here as well, with the Turks and Caicos National Museum displaying remnants of Spanish ships from the 1500s, among many other artifacts.

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