Three Alternative Things To Do In Costa Del Sol
May 23, 2013

When one thinks about Costa del Sol, they tend to think of sun lovers lounging and tanning on one of the many beautiful beaches that stretch across the extensive shoreline of this sun drenched city.  But if you’re sick of sitting by the ocean (if that’s even possible), or if you want to try something different while visiting the area, here are three alternative things that you should do while in the area so that you can make the most out of you Costa Del Sol experience. Before we start, you should definitely have a read of the official Visit Costa Del Sol website if you’re interested in the area.

Visit The Ronda and Granada

Only 2 short hours away from the beaches of Costa del Sol is Granada and Ronda, both of which are chockfull of ancient Spanish artifacts and sites.  Granada boasts the Royal Chapel where Philip II and his wife, Juana, are buried. You’ll also find within the chapel a royal treasury that boasts royal dress, tapestries, art, and the altars of both John and John the Baptist inside.  Most stunning, however, is perhaps the scepter and crown of Isabel.

A short ways away is Ronda, a town which only 40,000 or so residents call home.  This peaceful city overlooks a gorge which is close to the Costa del Sol, and during the day it usually is bustling with tourists, but at night you’ll find that the locals tend to take over and take advantage of the fine cuisine and fun entertainment that Ronda has to offer.

Check Out La Cala Resort

Costa del Sol is a golfer’s paradise. With over 40 courses all within a short distance of each other, one of the best and most worthwhile to go play golf at is the La Cala Resort.  This golfer’s dream resort is located between Marbella and Fuengirola, and features not one, not two, but three state of the art 18 hole golf courses.  It features Europe’s only TaylorMade Performance Lab for golfers, and is the only location where one can partake in the David Ledbetter Golf Academy.

La Cala also earned it’s bragging rights when, in July 2007, it set the Guinness World Record for having the most golfers (614) compete in a one day event in a single resort. You can book a place at the La Cala resort in a number of ways – on such way is through golf holidays specialist Golf Kings. You can look at all their golf deals here, and maybe see something for Costa Del Sol if you keep an eye on it.

Get Wild At The Selwo Aventura

Children and adults alike can enjoy the Selwo Safari Park located in Estepona.  This wild animal and nature park is home to 2000 animals from 200 species.  It isn’t too difficult for one taking pictures to mistake the picture they’ve taken to be one of themselves out on an African safari rather than in the middle of Spain.  Enjoy such areas as the Tiger Gorge, the Ravine of Bears and Lion Hill, and indulge yourself in the majestic views of the Costa del Sol coastline.  Those visiting the Selwo Aventura will be able to get amazing sights of the coastline of Gibraltar, as well as the African Coast.

And for those who aren’t too afraid of heights, check out the Path of the Hanging Bridges.  Not only will you get great views of the park, but you’ll also be able to experience a bird’s eye view of the different animals and foliage that surround you.