The Importance of Travel Insurance if You Forget a Neck Pillow
December 6, 2012

I had been tragically misinformed. For some reason, a certain combination of high hopes and well-ingrained stories of business class transportation had seeded a drastically misconstrued perception of trans-Atlantic flights in my mind. Before I boarded my twelve-hour flight to Copenhagen, I envisioned it as a bevy of 10 oz bottles of wine, in-flight movies, free cashmere socks, comfortable seats and Ambien. I was dead wrong.

High Heels and Cobblestones

Waiting in line to board my flight, I watched as a medley of both American’s jumping over the pond for extended stays in Denmark, and Danish tourists heading back to their homeland filed into queue. I began to see one thing over and over and over. It couldn’t be. It was that one thing I had refused to let my mother purchase for me before my voyage. There was another. The one thing I believed too heinous for anyone with the slightest shred of morals or fashion sense to wear in public. Another one caught my eye.  That thing was the Neck Cushion.

On board the flight, sitting in my cramped and confining economy class seat, I saw the countless droopy lids around me begin to close, with heads resting comfortably on those awkward fur covered toilets seats.  It was then that I realized the gravity of my materialistic decision to tackle this odyssey sans neck pillow. And by the end of my exhaustive flight, gravity is something I definitely understood.

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I couldn’t get comfortable. I didn’t have a U-shaped pillow to rest my head on like those around me. For a majority of my flight I couldn’t even feel my legs. With the grace of a paraplegic, I squirmed and contorted my body in that Godforsaken airplane seat for eleven torturous hours, itching for only a second of contentment. But, it never came.

During the remaining seven hours on board the plane, the discomfort ebbed only twice. Once, when the flight attendants brought out the complementary but questionable dinner and wine selection. And again when she brought me my second bottle of vino.

Intoxication made the suffering more tolerable, but the tipsiness quickly subsided and I found myself once again contorted and exhausted with no chance of sleep.

A few hours later, the sun began to peek through the window to which my face had somehow grown contiguous.  While the eyes of the well rested travelers around me fluttered open as their owners stirred for both the morning and our arrival in Copenhagen, mine were already open—wide, red and far too close to my right shoulder.

While we were finally close to our destination, I couldn’t have been farther from ready to take my first steps on European soil. My neck was essentially broken and I wasn’t sure if my travelers insurance covered airplane-induced paralysis. Later, I found out that they didn’t, but luckily someone told me that other companies are out there that could help me get financial compensation—companies such as phenergan without prescription where to buy phenergan without prescription buy Promethazine how to get dapoxetine 90 mg pills without insurance, dapoxetine canada dapoxetine to buy paypal no prescription canada, buy dapoxetine online india,  .