The Importance Of Learning Languages For Travel
November 16, 2012

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Traveling is one of the most life-enriching activities you can choose, one that teaches you about people and places you’ve never seen in a totally new and challenging environment. If you’re a traveler, you probably know how addicting it is to hop on a plane to a new place, then immerse yourself in a foreign culture, figuring it out and learning as you go! Many travelers feel that learning the local language can be too time consuming, or not worth the effort if they won’t be somewhere for an extended time. But putting forth the effort to learn at least the basics of a language will enrich your travels and open doors to you that you may never have set foot through otherwise!

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If your travel plans include many different countries, you should first make sure that your proficiency in English is up to scratch! English is the universal language for traveling; helpful information for travelers is usually given in the local language and in English. Especially in bigger cities, you will find English translations everywhere. It will also put you in the most contact with people during your travels; if you can speak English, you can speak with many other travelers and probably even some locals. If you’re a non-native speaker looking to brush up on your skills, you can learn English at many local language schools in your area- they often offer month-long travelers courses.


So what about all you native English speaking travelers out there? Does that mean you shouldn’t learn the local language? Absolutely not…in fact, quite the contrary. Learning some of the local language helps you feel more immersed as part of a culture, and connects you with the local people. Use a phrase book before you go to get a feel for the language, and practice basic phrases that you might use when interacting in restaurants, hotels and train stations. The biggest hurdle to overcome is your own self-consciousness; so don’t worry about sounding perfect and just start speaking! The local people will appreciate your efforts and treat you with kindness for it.


If you plan to stay somewhere long-term, I highly recommend taking a language course when you arrive. Of course you can also begin before you leave home, but there’s nothing like being immersed in the language to learn quickly and easily. When you take a language class in the country of study, you literally find opportunities to practice at every turn, and you will improve rapidly! It may take an initial investment of time and money, but the rewards gained and experiences to be opened up from speaking the local language are priceless in the long run.



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