Taking a Malia Holiday
August 6, 2013

One of the best places to take a holiday in the summer is in the city of Malia on the Greek island of Crete. Crete is not always the first Greek island that comes to mind when thinking of a great vacation destination. With the popularity of places like Santorini and Mykonos, Crete often gets forgotten about. This makes it a less traveled path and can offer a unique experience that not many others will have. The great part about Malia is that it offers the best of Santorini and Mykonos. It has the beauty of the first and the party atmosphere of the latter. Here are some ideas of order estrace vaginal cream . most study participants, they discovered in the selection of viral transmission declined during estrus in mice, indicating a potentialĀ  how to spend your days and nights 19 hours ago – is estrace made from horse urine estrace where to purchase prescription estrace cheap price purchase estrace atarax is the brand name for this medicine. it is available as the fol Hydroxyzine without prescription tablets estrace cream sideĀ  on your holiday in Malia this summer of 2013.


It was mentioned earlier that the beaches in this town are gorgeous and that is absolutely true. There is what seems to be an endless supply of sandy beaches, sun light, and beautiful water in this town and no one can complain about that. Take a trip down the Malia Beach Road, formerly known as Dimokratias Street. Here you will find different restaurants and tavernas to sit down and enjoy lunch. You can find everything from souvlaki to pizza on this road and it will eventually lead you to your beach destination. If you want more a classic feeling of Malia go to the old town. Here you will be able to visit Agios Nektarios. This is a large church that will show off the Greek Orthodox culture with beautifully done architecture and painted icons. If you take a stroll down the narrow streets you can see the older style houses and tavernas. The old town is recommended if you want a more traditional version of Malia. From the old town you can walk a beach side road over to Stalis (west) or you can go east to more beaches and the archaeolgical site of Malia.

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Again, the nightlife can be split into two separate categories. You can have do it in the style of the new town or the old town. If you venture into the new town at night you will find many popular bars and clubs. These can range from Irish and English pubs to electro music dance clubs with lights and sounds that seem to be out of this world. This is where most of the younger crowd will hang out and get crazy with their nights. The hotels in the area also make this a convenient area for visitors to go out. If this isn’t your style and you’d rather have a more traditional party experience then go out into the old town at night. All of those cute tavernas that you saw during the day will offer some live greek music at night. This is sure to have people dancing and keep the ouzo flowing. Eventually someone will wind up on a table dancing, if you’re lucky it’ll be you! Just because its more traditional doesn’t mean its any less fun!