Last Minute Trips to Australia??
September 13, 2013

With the weather changing and autumn creeping in, now is the perfect time to check for last minute holiday deals for winter 2013. If the growing chilly wind and icy endless rain have darkened your mood already, it’s likely you will have to travel a bit further than usual if you’re chasing some winter sun.

Australia is the perfect destination for a winter holiday in 2014. Although the continent is massive and climate can vary, summer is approaching and the temperatures are soaring, from tropical Cairns to the desert coast of Perth. So, dye your hair blonde and stick on some thongs for a ‘barbie on the beach with the locals. There are many airlines now offering cheap flights to Australia.

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Flights prices tend to have a similar pattern regardless of where they are going. The remain at a fixed price, then skyrocket a few months closer to the time, before getting slashed moments before the flight is due to take off. Around 6 weeks before, prices often go on sale in a bid to sell any remaining seats.  Flight prices are also based on a number of other factors, with demand for flights increasing the price dramatically. Airlines often run promotional deals, similar to sales that shops have, during periods when flights are less in demand. Key seasons to look out for are when school terms begin again and just after major holidays, although you may be excited to see a ridiculously cheap flight only to realise that it departs on Christmas day! There is still time yet to get a deal on a cheap flight to Australia in 2013.

There are many bonuses to travelling long haul. Often on package deals for locations nearby, there are many added extras, like baggage charges, taxes and booking fees. But when booking a long haul flight these costs are included in the initial fee. You are unlikely to be able to fly direct to such a distant destination (in facts, it’s impossible!) but it is easy to arrange with your travel provider to split up the journey and see a few new cities on the way to your dream destination, if the prospect of long-haul journeys is daunting.

For frequent travellers it is wise to invest in a frequent flyers programme. There are many available and you will often be emailed with deals before they are made available to the public. Shopping with such cards will also gain points that can then be used to redeem flights and air miles. This is a great way of staying under budget for any jet-setter. If you are really lucky, being a member of a frequent flyers programme can also kick off a holiday with a free upgrade on your flight user ratings & reviews. fluoxetine online cheap . fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of premenstrual  .

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