India’s Wildlife Wonderland
April 2, 2013

For animal lovers, India is a treasure trove of big, beautiful animals. Colourful, feathered, furry, big and small, some of the most incredible animals in the world are a real joy to see.

With many of the more famous mammals starring in the cultural and religious makeup of the country, there’s a wealth of exotic creatures to see. Elephants, tigers, lions, sloths and rhinoceroses amble through the lush parks and forests while more endangered species such as the wild Asian water buffalo and dhole – the most endangered Indian carnivore – drink from lush lakes and hunt amongst the grasses.

If you’re planning a trip to India, the wildlife is not to be missed.

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This park is one of the largest in northern India, located in south-eastern Rajasthan about 130km southeast of Jaipur, which is where you will find the nearest airport. A beautiful, sprawling series of plains and hills, it’s one of the best places that you can see tigers.

There are also several lakes to see, which are often teeming with birds and the occasional mammal.

The tigers are to be found within an allotted area of about 60 miles square, which was set up in 1973 to protect the huge cats from poachers, and the neighbouring villages from confrontations with the tigers themselves.

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There’s also the chance to see nilgai, wild boar, sambar, hyena and the chital deer.

Safari rides are conducted here so holiday-makers can experience the beauty of the park and its residents up close. There’s also the incredible Rantambore Fort to see, a 10th-century fort which towers over the part. Inside are three stone temples dedicated to the Hindu gods Ganesh, Shiva and Tamlalaji.

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This lush park is home to the highest known population of tigers in the country. It’s also known for its white tigers, which can still be seen in the area. There’s also the chance to see leopards, wild boar, chinkara, Bengal foxes, hyenas, sloth bears and Asiatic jackals.

Reptiles which creep around the area include cobra, vipers, pythons, turtles and rat snakes.

There’s also a wealth of beautiful birds to spot, including white-breasted kingfishers, red jungle fowl, black kites, black vultures and parakeets.

The jeep safari which sets out into the park every day is full of sights and the chance to get close to some beautiful creatures.

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Taking a guided tour is an excellent way of seeing the beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. Taking a tour of India is a perfect way to pack in as much as you can for a holiday.

For example, Virgin Holidays Journeys provide tours which include both Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh amongst other wildlife hotspots.

There’s also the chance to include some other sights into a journey, such as the beautiful Taj Mahal. With building starting in 1631, the marble mausoleum was built for the favourite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan, and has long been a main port of call for holiday-makers looking to take in some memorable sights.

For amazing architecture and truly experiencing some beauties of the animal world, India is a must.