How to survive the Full Moon Party
December 27, 2012

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The first full moon party started reportedly as a birthday party at a makeshift disco in 1985. There were about 20-30 guests. Through word of mouth, this infamous party has exploded to 20,000-30,000 attendees in recent years. Everyone flocks to Haad Rin beach for a wild night of dancing, drinking, and debauchery. There is a long row of stands serving up buckets of booze, bars pumping out music for all tastes, and enough neon to blind you. The official party continues until sunrise and then the after parties last until late afternoon.

The idea of it all may intimidate you, but by following a few basic rules you can party hard, but still leave in the morning intact.

propecia 4 less propecia reviews Only Bring the Essentials
Carry with you only the amount of money you need and a copy of your passport for emergencies. Split the money up and hide it in several areas on your person. You can probably get by on 1500 baht (buckets are 200-300 baht apiece). Definitely don’t bring an ATM card. Be prepared that anything can get lost or stolen in the undulating sea of drunken revelers. Including your shoes.

Wear your Shoes
The sand gets in your shoes or flip flops and you’re tempted to kick them off for maximum dancing potential. My friend did just that and then his shoes got stolen (read #1). He then proceeded to steal someone else’s shoes. And that’s how the cycle begins. More than anything, wear shoes for sanitation and safety purposes. At night it’s hard to see, but in the morning the beach is a wasteland of broken bottles and bodily fluids.

Don’t go for a Swim (or for 24-hours later)
The ocean calls like a siren, do not give into temptation. Every year people drown by heading into the ocean intoxicated. The other problem is that access to a bathroom is inconvenient. Therefore, the ocean becomes a free toilet. You don’t want to swim in there.

Watch your Drinks
Buckets generally consist of a sand pail filled with 375 ml of alcohol, mixer, and Thai Red Bull. Combining an energy drink with alcohol has a way of making you believe you’re less drunk than you really are. Take care and make sure you aren’t the one going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning (people do every time). If you want to see sunrise, start drinking late and take your time. Also, standard rules apply: keep hydrated and don’t let strangers handle or share your drinks. Druggings can happen. Pre-drink by buying beer from 7-11 or buy buckets away from the beach for cheaper prices (low as 150 baht).

Think before taking drugs
I won’t tell you not to do them. However, be smart about it. Undercover cops are looking for people to bust. You can get out of it with an extortionate bribe (upwards of 30,000 baht), or you may end up in one of the worst prisons in the world. If you must, head to the right side of the beach where there are bars that have paid off police. Here you can find mushrooms shakes and ganja in a virtually worry-free environment. However, enjoy it there. Do not leave the bar with any substances.

Skip the Jump Rope of Fire
Similar to the ocean, people can’t get enough of fire. A popular attraction is a large, swinging rope set ablaze that drunk people jump over. Does this seem like a good idea to you? But in the heat of the moment (pun intended), emboldened by alcohol and the cheering crowd, many people attempt it. Another of my friends tried this. And yes, he got burned. So did a majority of people who attempted it. Enjoy the Full Moon Party, injury free.

Don’t ride a moped
Drinking and driving becomes rampant the night of the Full Moon Party as people joyride or head to their hotel on their mopeds. The roads are rocky and winding. Not to mention many of them are on the cliffside. Moped accidents happen every Full Moon Party. If you’re lucky to avoid getting seriously injured, you’re still hit with two expensive bills—the moped and the hospital bill. Instead, if you need to get home, take a boat taxi to nearby islands or other areas of Ko Pha Ngan.

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It’s easy to make friends while backpacking, especially here. Have a friend or group with you at the party to look out for one another and prevent anyone from doing something dangerous or regrettable. I’ll never forget a story about where a guy was sobbing the next morning on the beach after the Full Moon Party, head in his hands. Someone asked him what was wrong and he said, “My life is over.” Then he looked up at them and he had the batman mask freshly tattooed on his face.

Don’t be that person.