Holiday car hire: top tips
January 4, 2013

None of us like to follow someone else’s schedule when taking a break from home and that is why having our own form of transport whilst on holiday is always desirable. If you choose to hire a car instead of taking your own vehicle then you’ll naturally have plenty to consider – and here are a few top tips to bear in mind.


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Pick a suitable car

Match the car to the area you intend to travel to and the type of holiday you intend to enjoy. Those planning a city break will want something economical which boasts low fuel consumption whilst those looking at something a little more active may want a vehicle capable of covering different terrains with ease.

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If you’re driving a different vehicle to your normal car then you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the controls. Spend a couple of minutes sat in the driver seat and get used to the position of controls before you take to the road.

Check your insurance

If you have decided to rent a hire car, then you will also have been considering which and what form of insurance you should get for the vehicle. Car hire insurance is an extremely important consideration which you should always factor into your holiday budget.

Often there will be some level of insurance that comes with the rental of the vehicle but you should always make sure you know to what extent your vehicle is covered. Most insurance policies which come as standard include protection against damage to third parties but you may also be given cover against other types of damage and theft.

Consider a collision damage waiver

The insurance policy that comes as standard may also provide something know as collision damage waiver, often termed CDW for short. This can protect the rental car and you against damage. If your rental car does not come with CDW, then you may find yourself having to pay for expensive repair costs to the vehicle.

You will want to check your car hire insurance policy carefully, paying close attention to all of the finer details included in the terms and conditions section. It is important that you know exactly what is covered in your policy. Sometimes certain items of the car can be excluded so it is important that you are aware of these.

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This is more applicable to those travelling abroad rather than those staying on home soil but is important nonetheless. Brush up on the rules of the road for your destination to ensure you always abide by the rules. Many European countries drive on the other side of the road to the UK whilst countries such as France require drivers to carry breathalysers in the vehicle at all times.