Great Summer Activities For Kids
January 26, 2019



With summer fast approaching and the kids starting to get a bit excited about the prospect of a long break from school, you might be wondering just how you can keep them occupied during the hot summer months without pulling your hair out – especially if you aren’t planning to take a trip abroad or a long family holiday somewhere. While it can seem like a never ending task to keep kids entertained, we’ve made it easy with this short list of great kids summer activities.

Camping In Cornwall

Camping is always a great family friendly activity that everyone enjoys. From finding your site and setting up the tent, to roasting marshmallows and cooking on an open fire, it seems that camping is a long held family tradition that everyone can get on board with. The best campsites in Cornwall provide your family an inexpensive way to get away over the summer months, and with many providing great facilities as well as views over bays, beaches and the like, there’s no better idea for a budget friendly family vacation this year. Check out this great camping site for more information:

Perran Springs Holiday Park





Treasure/Scavenger Hunts

If you’re stuck for something to do with the kids over the summer and money is an issue, why not consider picking up a couple of fun little toys or games from the likes of Poundland and making up a treasure or scavenger hunt. It’s a great way for kids to spend time with siblings and friends and you can make the hunt as easy or challenging as you want. It’s a great, fun way to keep the kids entertained so you can do housework, cook dinner or just take some time out for yourself.


Ever hear of geocaching? A lot of people surprisingly haven’t! It’s a great activity that millions of people around the world take part in every year and includes simply using a GPS device to locate caches around the world – including in your local area or an area where you may be visiting. Caches can have any manner of cool thing inside of them that you can take with you but etiquette dictates you leave something as well for the next player so be sure you go with something small to swap.

Kids Day Camp

Day camps are a fantastic way for kids to have fun over the summer months and is the perfect way for parents to still manage to work without needing to figure out childcare. Day camps can come in all varieties and can include woodworking, painting, making different crafts and sports. You can also consider sending the kids to overnight camps – often a popular option with many as well.

With so many great ways to spend time with the kids without necessarily needing to spend a huge amount of money or go anywhere, there’s no end to the great summer potential every single year has. What will you choose this summer?