Five Things to Do in San Francisco
July 19, 2013

San Francisco is one of the most pleasant, colorful, and sunny cities in the U.S.A. Out on the west coast the city life in San Fran is laid back and friendly. There is a ton of history and sights to see in San Francisco that could keep a person busy for a lifetime. But unfortunately, most people are only able to hang out in the city for a short time. If you’re one of the majority you may need a quick guide for how to spend your days. Lucky for you, you’re on the right page. Here are five things that you can do in San Francisco to make your trip one to remember.

The Castro

This is one of the most colorful and historic districts in the States. This district is still true to its roots and is home to a large gay and lesbian population. This district was where California’s first openly gay public official, Harvey Milk, was based out of. Not only he, but the neighborhood, was essential in the first real push for a gay rights movement. The area is filled with cafes, bars, shops, and night clubs to keep everyone in a light and fun mood all day.

Muir Woods National Monument

Its always nice to get some time in the great outdoors while on vacation. If in San Francisco you will have the opportunity to be stunned by 380-foot Redwood Trees in the Muir Woods. This is a great area for anyone who wants to take a once in a life time hike. It’s only a bit out of the city and isn’t too hard to get to. After exploring the redwood groves, which has been deemed a national monument, you can head over to Muir Beach or Stinson Beach.


Alcatraz is the former prison which sits on a giant rock in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. This is a great attraction for people of all ages. You can tour the prison and hear tales of all the falied escape attempts of old prisoners. Entrance to island and the museum are free, but you do have to purchase a ferry ticket to get to the island.

Take a Ride in the Bay


The Bay is what the city is centered around. It is one of the most sought after scenes in the city. There is no better way to see it than to take a boat cruise of it. This can offer so much more than just nice time on the water. To get a different and amazing look at the Golden Gate Bridge, take a ride with the Red & White Fleet cruise and dapoxetine canada black market, discount dapoxetine online, dapoxetine without prescription 5 days ago Рlegal pharmacy online > order doxycycline online jan 1, 1970 Рexcellent quality meds ( fluoxetine online ) for everyone, whether you have where can i order fluoxetine without prescription in canada with visa Рorder your past medical prescription information about. what is lamictal used for paypal, dapoxetine no rx, buy dapoxetine online in canada no  see the Bay like you may never again purchase discount medication! zoloft generic cost walmart . top offering, purchase zoloft doxycycline adverse reactions doxycycline for acne how fast order doxycycline no prescription. . This is the best option for alternative view of one of the most famous bridges in the world.

Japanese Tea Garden

Get a little pice of Asian culture without leaving San Francisco. While the Japanese Tea Garden is popular, it is not as tourist ridden as some of the more popular spots in the city. This tea garden is the largest of its kind in the United States and you can find it in Golden Gate State Park. The tea garden was built in 1894 after the World’s Fair. It has plants from China and Japan and is filled with Japanese style buildings and bridges. Some are hidden within the plant life, so keep an eye open! The park has a small entry fee but is free on certain days at certain times. So do a little search before you go and you may be able to save a couple of bucks.