5 best ‘Coffee shops’ in Amsterdam
November 13, 2012

Amsterdam is a city with something for everyone: from its impressive architecture and history, endless beautiful hotels, to its Venice-like charm and cultural sights, to its reputation for tolerance and its eclectic and never-sleeping nightlife scene, you’ll find it all here. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, book up your stay with Hostelbookers then […]

A guide to Birmingham cultural festivals
October 31, 2012

The lively city of Birmingham hosts a number of festivals every year, each taking from a different part of the city culture or specialising in a particular type of art. They often bring vast sections of the population together and celebrate the diversity of Britain’s second biggest city. buy dapoxetine without script, dapoxetine 90 otc, […]

3 Tips to Travel Greener
October 16, 2012

There’s going to be the inevitable environmental impact from traveling. But here are some tips to help reduce your contribution so that the world remains a beautiful place to go explore. Fuel-efficient means of travel If you have the opportunity to not fly for a longer trek, take a train! Many countries have extensive train […]

A month after I began studying abroad in Tokyo, it was time for Golden Week. Golden Week is a period during late-April through early-May when several Japanese holidays occur in a short span of time. School was canceled for the week as a result. I didn’t really have any plans when I received an invitation […]

Going Clubbing in Ibiza on the Cheap
September 27, 2012

From the end of May to the beginning of October, Ibiza is a partier’s paradise. With world-renowned DJs playing nightly at elite clubs, it can seem easy to shell out money freely for club entry fees, taxis, and 15€ Jack and Cokes. It’s worth it, right? Quite possibly, but here are some tips to make […]

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