June 1, 2013

Much like birds migrating south shortly before winter, many Canadians look forward to spending the cold-weather months in warm-weather places like Florida. The weather is mostly pleasant during these months, and the state’s big cities roll out the red carpet in a major way to cater to visitors. Orlando Orlando is the center of Florida’s […]

Souks, or markets, have become an integral part of the cultural landscape of Morocco. One can easily lose their way amongst the tiny stalls buzzing with activity, the tantalizing scents of saffron and cardamom wafting through the air, and the snakes rising sinuously to the charmer’s tune. It’s a sensory feast on the highest level. […]

When one thinks about Costa del Sol, they tend to think of sun lovers lounging and tanning on one of the many beautiful beaches that stretch across the extensive shoreline of this sun drenched city.  But if you’re sick of sitting by the ocean (if that’s even possible), or if you want to try something […]

Voluntary Opportunities in Lebanon
May 20, 2013

The Middle East is home to an array of opportunities for volunteers looking to get involved and Lebanon is one such location. Lebanon often tends to be overlooked by those who wish to travel abroad for voluntary experiences, which of course leads to lots of available causes requiring assistance. Ways in which you can volunteer […]

A first-timer’s guide to Faro
May 19, 2013

Have you been to Faro before? If not, you really should! This Portuguese city is a beautiful spot to visit at any time of year and it is definitely somewhere I recommend you put on your list of must-see destinations. No matter what your interests are, I’m quite confident that you will soon come across […]

Safaris making a positive impact
April 23, 2013

Safari holidays have come a long way since their inception. Originally they were a way for European travellers to go on holiday in Africa, often killing animals for sport and not really caring for the local people or communities. There are probably still people who believe that safaris are all about what the tourist can […]

The Amsterdam Advantage
April 22, 2013

For those like us who travel for self-discovery with student budget, here’s why Amsterdam is the all-in-one place to be. 1. World’s top museums – As the city with the highest density of world-class museums, you’ll never  get bored no matter how diverse your interests are. Chose from the famous Van Gogh Museum, Chocolate Museum, […]

Top 5 Caribbean Islands
April 17, 2013

Sometimes winter feels like it will never end. If the snow has got you down and you’re dreaming of your next holiday destination, nothing sounds better than a tropical beach. Palm trees, drinks served in coconuts, upbeat music, and sand between the toes all come to mind. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Caribbean […]

India’s Wildlife Wonderland
April 2, 2013

For animal lovers, India is a treasure trove of big, beautiful animals. Colourful, feathered, furry, big and small, some of the most incredible animals in the world are a real joy to see. With many of the more famous mammals starring in the cultural and religious makeup of the country, there’s a wealth of exotic […]

Holiday Safaris in South Africa
March 25, 2013

South Africa is often described as ‘a world in one country’ due to its vastness, diversity and complexities. To put it simply, South Africa is a country of extraordinary contrasts: vast landscapes, a wild coastline, teeming game parks like Kruger national Park, Ado Elephant park and mkuzi, these are some of the few places in […]