Voluntary Opportunities in Lebanon
May 20, 2013

The Middle East is home to an array of opportunities for volunteers looking to get involved and Lebanon is one such location. Lebanon often tends to be overlooked by those who wish to travel abroad for voluntary experiences, which of course leads to lots of available causes requiring assistance. Ways in which you can volunteer […]

A first-timer’s guide to Faro
May 19, 2013

Have you been to Faro before? If not, you really should! This Portuguese city is a beautiful spot to visit at any time of year and it is definitely somewhere I recommend you put on your list of must-see destinations. No matter what your interests are, I’m quite confident that you will soon come across […]

For anyone who is a fan of the works of Charles Darwin, then embarking on a cruise that replicates Darwin’s own Voyage of the Beagle is a definite must. You can read about the Voyage of the Beagle on the Wikipedia page. It’s fascinating.  Several cruise lines and travel companies have now created their very  […]

Safaris making a positive impact
April 23, 2013

Safari holidays have come a long way since their inception. Originally they were a way for European travellers to go on holiday in Africa, often killing animals for sport and not really caring for the local people or communities. There are probably still people who believe that safaris are all about what the tourist can […]

The Amsterdam Advantage
April 22, 2013

For those like us who travel for self-discovery with student budget, here’s why Amsterdam is the all-in-one place to be. 1. World’s top museums – As the city with the highest density of world-class museums, you’ll never  get bored no matter how diverse your interests are. Chose from the famous Van Gogh Museum, Chocolate Museum, […]

India’s Wildlife Wonderland
April 2, 2013

For animal lovers, India is a treasure trove of big, beautiful animals. Colourful, feathered, furry, big and small, some of the most incredible animals in the world are a real joy to see. With many of the more famous mammals starring in the cultural and religious makeup of the country, there’s a wealth of exotic […]

Time waits for no traveller
March 14, 2013

When on a cheap holiday, the last thing you want is to watch the time. Holidays are all about escaping the constraints of everyday life and that includes clock watching. However, we didn’t want you to find yourself in one of these great destinations and not be aware of the existence of an amazing clock. […]

Marmaris is a town in Turkey situated on the Mediterranean cost filled with busy beaches, lots of shopping, and a happening nightlife scene. A popular destination during the tourist season, check out the top 10 best value hotels in Marmaris below.  buy cialis online from canadian pharmacy – buy cheap cialis (taladafil) for sale, no […]

Skiing and Snowboarding are one of the ultimate thrills each winter. While hitting the slopes comes naturally to many people, it’s not just all fun and games. When you’re on vacation, you obviously want to have a great time, try new things and maybe even test a few limits. It’s important to remember to keep […]

Every couple wants to cut down on traveling expenses, and keep the budget low. But can you keep these expenses in control? Let’s say you’re a couple who enjoys football and wants to travel to Philadelphia, buy Philadelphia Eagles tickets and watch the game. How do you manage to keep your travel budget at $1000 and still […]