A Weekend Trip to Bilbao
November 1, 2013

After booking flights to Spain with Momondo womans health, buy estrace ointment uk , buy estrace cream uk – cecos.edu.pk. , we found ourselves in the northern Spanish city of Bilbao. The capital of the Basque Country, this city has always been at the industrial heartland of Spain, and the wealth shows. Finely maintained, extremely clean, and with friendly locals, it’s the perfect size for a weekend to explore on foot, or on the fantastic metro, which zig zags across the city, and beyond, as a train service, to the coastal town of Santurtzi.
First stop was the hotel, near the river. We booked this through momondo.co.uk, as well, who had plenty of options. Ultimately we chose Hesperia Bilbao for its great views of the river. Once we’d checked in, we wandered along the river to the Guggenheim, Bilbao’s modern art museum, complete with a spooky metal tarantula sculpture outside. The Guggenheim regularly changes exhibitions, so it’s worth seeing what’s on at different times of the year.

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After our arty morning, we decided to check out the view from above the city. Crossing the many bridges outside the Guggenheim, and you’ll come across a local neighbourhood. We popped in one for a caffeine injection, before heading to the funicular – anything to ease our legs.

The funicular gently arrives at the top of a hill overlooking the city, with a park favoured by locals, and brilliant views across the valley. I’d highly recommend this. It’s inexpensive, and worth the slight detour. More details at www.bilbao.net/cs/Satellite/funicularArtxanda/Home/en/100010291/Home.

Next we hit the old town – the Casco Viejo, the original seven streets of Bilbao. There’s local shops here, glorious churches – some grand, some tiny and homely, and plenty of atmosphere, with caf├ęs, restaurants and tapas bars spilling out onto the pavements. We ate here and chatted to the locals, whose top tip was to get there before 9pm because, unlike the rest of Spain, restaurants and bars serve food and tapas, early, so don’t get caught out and hungry! The tapas are called Pintxos here, and are perfect washed down with a glass of white wine, try the local Txakoli, for a refreshing white wine, or a white from neighbouring Rioja.

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On our second day in Bilbao, we took the train from Aranda station to the port town of Santurtzi, a town reminiscent of a 1950s seaside town, with a wonderful 120 year old UNESCO World Heritage Eiffel-esque hanging bridge. Heading back to Bilbao and ultimately to the airport, we reflected on what to do with more time there. Our decisions? San Sebastian for a day to see its wild coastline and, of course, more time savouring local wines and tapas.