5 Winter Activities for your Holiday
December 6, 2012

It’s the holiday season, which means cold weather, vacation time, and snow for many of us. There is the obligatory skiing and snowboarding rush as the resorts are open for the season. Ice skating and tubing are great family fun, while ice climbing and snowmobiling are perfect for the adventurous. But have you heard of ice yachting? And when’s the last time you’ve had a hardcore snowman building session? Throw on your cold weather gear and head outside and try your hand (or be a spectator) at these winter activities.


Winter Camping

Bundle up, make a fire, and have a night beneath the stars. Camping is not limited to the summertime. Winter camping is a good base for several other winter activities. Hiking in the winter, with barren trees and snow underfoot provides a different perspective to the landscape than in warmer weather. Besides a tent, some interesting options for overnight lodgings include digging a snow cave or creating a quinzhee (shelter built by hollowing out a pile of settled snow). For a romantic snow adventure holiday find where to buy atarax pills online – how to purchase your atarax medication – best on-line drugstores – trustworthy and reliable stores. , snowshoe to a yurt in the backcountry.


Snowball Fighting

If you were blessed with a snow day from school as a child, you’ve participated (willingly or not) in a snow fight. It’s akin to dodgeball, albeit less organized and the stakes feel higher. Snowball fights are competitive, addicting, and bring out the sinister plotting in the best of us. If you haven’t been in a snowball fight in years, it’s time to round up some friends and throw down. The biggest snowball fight on record had 5,768 participants in Leuven, Belgium. After a chilly battle well fought, warm your hands with a marshmallow filled mug of hot chocolate.

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Snowman Building

Conjuring up images of Frosty, building snowmen is another favorite adolescent winter activity. In fancy dictionary terms, snowmen are anthropomorphic snow sculptures, typically made with three large snowballs. One could argue it’s a form of installation art. With the plethora of accoutrements one can add to a snowman such as a carrot nose or fancy scarf, every snowman is unique. Building a snowman is not limited to child’s play. A snowman built in Bethel, Maine was over 113 feet tall (34 meters) and weighed 9 million pounds (4.08 million kilograms).


Ice Yachting

Ice yachting is the sport of sailing and racing iceboats. Experience the thrill of speeding across black ice, also known in the sport as “hard water.” Iceboats are similar in design to a sailboat, but with runners or skis affixed to the bottom in order to let it slide across the ice. Unbelievably, iceboats can surpass speeds of 90 knots (174 km/h; 108 mph). In ice yachting, courses are one-way, with the fixed points causing the iceboats to tack back and forth to prevent excessive speeds and maintain safety. Rumor has it that the 2014 Winter Olympics will include ice yachting as a demonstration sport.


Wok Racing

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Born out of a bet made by a German TV show, the First Official Wok World Championship was held in 2003. In essence, modified Chinese woks are used to make timed runs down an Olympic bobsled track. There are solo woksleds and four-person woksleds. Not for the faint of heart, participants often wear heavy protection gear and strap ladles to their feet to reduce friction. Some partakers in this sport include celebrities and the Jamaican bobsled team. I can’t with good conscience suggest that you engage in such an activity, but old-fashioned sledding is a healthy alternative.