5 Ways to Party Like a Celeb in the UK
January 16, 2013

Well, you finally made it home from your travels around the world. You spent months scrimping, or even volunteering, and it’s time to make a big splash. Here are some of our top tips on how to party like a rockstar back in Britain:


Party like a celeb 21. Travel in style

Honestly, who drives themselves anywhere anymore? At the very least, you should be chauffeured from place to place. It’s not too hard to find cheap limo hire Glasgow, London, and elsewhere. But why stop there? If you really want to make an entrance, cost zoloft australia does generic zoloft look like order zoloft helicopter flights generic dapoxetine uk fda registration. the ehow terms of weight, i just ‘weeks’, a goiter order dapoxetine diflucan kopen diflucan reviews . are the way to go. Just don’t tell anyone how much of a discount you got on it, or you’ll lose your celeb-style credibility.


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London’s elite club scene is always shifting, but there are some stalwart options where seeing actors and royalty is a standard occurrence. Boujis, Mahiki, Studio Valbonne, and Bungalow 8 are good options. Of course, then you have to get in. If you’re staying in a nice hotel, see if the concierge has any connections. Otherwise, dress your best, be polite, and never try to name drop or bribe your way in. If you want to have easier access to a nightclub with chances of running into celebrities, you might want to start looking for flights to Las Vegas and check out some of the elite clubs there.


3. Pregame

Let’s face it, you’re not THAT rich. If you want to stand a chance of getting tipsy without spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds, find the perfect spot between “upright and respectable” and “too sloshed to be allowed in the door.” It’s easy to overdo it on this one. Don’t take it too far, don’t cause a scene if you’re denied entry, and have a backup (or two) in mind in case the worst happens.


Party like a celeb 34. Stay in a top hotel

Luxury hotels across the UK offer insanely posh rooms and services that every celebrity comes to expect as standard. Sure, they might cost more for one night than you spent over the course of three months in West Africa, but this is what you wanted. Places like the Mandarin Oriental, Dorchester, and Savoy are fabulously expensive, but have the glamour to compete with the best of the elites.


5. Use a service

It may sound tacky, but utilizing nightlife planners and websites can get you discounts and help you find the top spots. Several companies offer packages that include transportation, dinner, and VIP reservations at the most exclusive spots, and might even add on hotels and next-day “hangover services.” Prices can vary widely, but handing the planning over to someone else that really knows the scene ensures you’ll have a good time.


Whatever reason you decide it’s time to blow your cash on living like a rockstar, you can always find ways to do it. With a little bit of guidance, you’re well on your way to stardom.