5 Tips for Staying Safe on the Slopes in Lake Tahoe
February 11, 2013

Skiing and Snowboarding are one of the ultimate thrills each winter. While hitting the slopes comes naturally to many people, it’s not just all fun and games. When you’re on vacation, you obviously want to have a great time, try new things and maybe even test a few limits. It’s important to remember to keep safety precautions in mind so you can enjoy the entire vacation and don’t have to spend half of it injured in your room catching up on your HBO. Lake Tahoe dapoxetine toxicity ftbl dapoxetine bluelight dapoxetina opinioni doxycycline dosage for neurosyphilis doxycycline monohydrate mrsa buy doxycycline buy dapoxetine uk . dapoxetine sale dapoxetine buy when is the best time to take a viagra pill is   is home to 18 world-class ski resorts, and the terrain ranges from beginners runs to trails that intimidate even the most professional skiers and boarders. From the best ways to get ready for a day out on the slopes to using proper etiquette, keep a few things in mind so that you’re always safe and can fully enjoy your trip to Lake Tahoe!

Cody LaPlante Lake Tahoe
where to get doxycycline . cheap doxycycline online. doxycycline 50 mg. where can i buy doxycycline online. doxycycline 100. 100 mg doxycycline . 1. Wear sunscreen. People remember to cake on the SPF in the summer when they’re out on the Lake or hitting the trails, but they often forget to put it on before they head to the ski resorts in the morning. Then once you’re out there, it’s pretty much too late, right? Don’t let it happen to you! UV rays are especially dangerous at the altitude of many of the mountains around Lake Tahoe, and are intensely reflected off those beautiful snowy trails. Make putting sunscreen onevery morning of your vacation a ritual. Lobsters don’t do well around here this time of year.

2. Drink Plenty of Water throughout the day. atarax 25 mg, atarax 50 mg, order atarax online, atarax cost, atarax 25 mg tablet, hydroxyzine 25, order hydroxyzine. buy dapoxetine online herbs for treating erectile dysfunction. view & buy priligy online in uk i sally had been a one-of-a-kind brew spot located on 323 ridge  Skiing and snowboarding demand a lot from your body, and you lose a lot more water than you realize when you’re out there. And again, when you’re at an altitude this high, your body needs more hydration than usual. Definitely don’t drink and ski, save that for later. There are plenty of places to get a drink at these ski resorts and all over Tahoe later, but on the trails is not one of them.


3. Don’t try to be a hero. Stick to the trails you can handle. Many Tahoe ski resorts have hundreds of trails at all different levels. Don’t be ashamed of being a beginner and try to take on something you’re not ready for. There are plenty of professionals out here that you can always turn to for a lesson too. Swallowing your pride and turning down something you’re not ready for beats a broken bone any day.

4. Use the right Equipment. Make sure that you bring all the things you’re going to need, that everything fits and works properly and that what you don’t bring with you rent from one of the stores around here. Always dress appropriately with plenty of layers, including a waterproof outer layer. If you ever think you’re showing any signs of frostbite or hypothermia, get them checked out before its too late.

5. After a long day or weekend on the slopes, reward your body with relaxation. There are plenty of spas around here that cater to the sports injuries and muscle soreness from skiing and snowboarding. Don’t go home more exhausted than you came!

The most important things to do on your ski trip are having fun, and being safe so that you can continue having fun. There are so many great things to do in Lake Tahoe, don’t miss out on any of them because you didn’t play it safe on the slopes!

This article was written by Lizz Riggs, editor of TahoesBest.com.