5 Best Rural Destinations in Europe
January 5, 2013

When you think of traveling around Europe, you think of the great cities—Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Prague, and so on. But what few people consider are the wonders of the countryside. As fabulous as those cities are, rural visits can be the most charming part of a summer European backpacking trip. Here are five excellent places to check out off the beaten path:


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Most middle and upper class citizens of Prague seem to have a cabin within a few hours of the capital. They are often clustered in charming villages set amongst idyllic farmland and enchanting forests. Prague residents escape here on weekends and in the summer to relax and spend time with friends and family. In addition, each village generally has a riotous annual festival of home-cooked food, obscene amounts of beer and homebrewed slivovice don’t skip this advertisement, since it provide you with buy Hydroxyzine , live music, and dancing. I got to experience this once in a village called T?ebsín, and my liver never forgave me.


2. French countryside

Sure, you’re not breaking ground. But in places as beautiful as Gers and French Jura, you can’t go wrong. These popular destinations allow for amazing foodie opportunities, and various towns along the Riviera are famous for different delicacies and wines. As with most places in France, it’s recommended that you book accommodation online buy estrace online, is estradiol level 32 low, is estradiol level 41 low. generic for transgenders review estradiol 41 es normal estradiol cream price  to get the best prices and avoid local lodging options being sold out, especially during the summer high season.


3. German/Swiss border

It’s like The Sound of Music, without so many Nazis. Today, the lower altitudes of the Alps offer wonderful countryside for driving and taking trains. But why just watch the landscape out the window? This region is full of enticing villages, and you will escape a lot of the tourist crowds if you slow down and choose one to explore for a while. Walk in the mornings, drink in the afternoons, and meet polite and friendly people wherever you go—what could be better?


4. Los Pueblos Blancos

The White Towns of southern Spain are a huge change of pace from cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada. These peaceful hamlets are cooler than the southern coast, sheltered from the package tourists, and very chilled out. The best way to visit them is with a rented car, allowing you to move between them at will and find the best to suit your style. My personal recommendation is Zahara, a tiny village on a hillside with a fortress overlooking a lake. Cobblestone streets, long siestas, and ham on everything—life is good.


5. Croatian interior

Croatia has become a hot destination for its beaches, but its more rugged interior gets a lot less traffic. I’ve met several people with wild stories from rural Croatia, mostly involving hitchhiking, impulsively going to music festivals, and waking up five days later in Budapest wearing someone else’s pants with €200 in their shoe. Crazy things happen there. An unorthodox option, to be sure, but who doesn’t want some adventures?


When planning out a backpacking trip around Europe, don’t neglect the small towns and villages between the big sites. These rural places can give you a very different (and very charming) insight into cultures, and give you a chance to mellow out before facing the tourist hordes in the next metropolis. That’s a backpacker rule—take it slower, be happier.