3 Interesting Off-Beaten Summer Destinations
January 31, 2013


Summer is almost always equated to crowded destinations. But if you want to have some quiet time to yourself and your family and friends, here are some ideas on where you can spend your summer holidays this year without too much crowd!

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The district of Muskoka is about a two-hour drive north of Toronto. It offers a very long shoreline which is filled with color during the summer. Even with its proximity to Toronto, its one of the most serene places in all of Canada, even in the summer since people only really think of Canada as a cold, cold place. You can do paddleboarding in the day or you can go exploring places and shopping in its quaint boutiques.

Cardiff, Wales

For all the sports lovers out there, Cardiff is the new up and coming place for sports. Although traditionally known as a place of castles and coal, Cardiff has reinvented itself to become what it is today. With its abundant waters, you can do water sports to your heart’s content. Some of the sports have free admission so if you’re on a budget and want to try something new, this is a good  place for you.

Azores, Portugal

Azores is quite a remote location if you want a peaceful vacation. They have some of the best designed infinity pools I have ever laid my eyes on and their amazing landscape just makes things even more surreal for people who might want to go there on vacation. They are also known for their excellently weaved, colourful cloths which make great souvenirs.

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