Cancun – A Magical Paradise

In recent years Cancun has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world and there are many reasons why. It has become famous for its Caribbean charm, amazing culture and sights, water sports adventure, exciting nightlife and its also home to some of the worlds most luxurious resorts and hotels. Adding to all of these reasons to visit ... Read More »

African Entrepreneurs & Innovation

There is little doubt that the African continent is in for an exciting voyage of growth and development, both of which are being fuelled by recent investment and significant advances in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Within the next forty years, Africa will be home to the world’s largest workforce, as the continent’s total population is expected to reach ... Read More »

Costa Rica: an alternative family holiday destination

When you’re considering where to take the kids on holiday, places like Spain’s Costa del Sol or the Vendee in France probably spring to mind. But Costa Rica? Probably not. However, for both you and your children, eschewing your usual bucket-and-spade locations in favour of somewhere a bit more exotic could be exactly what you need. But just what can ... Read More »

The Perfect Weekend in Cape Town

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling through South Africa, make sure that Cape Town makes your list of places to visit. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy an incredible weekend immersing in all different kinds of activities. It’s literally got it all – breathtaking beaches, exciting city life, amazing international cuisine, culture, nature… the list goes on! So take ... Read More »

Top 18 Websites for IT Certification Resources

To attain IT certifications, you normally have to pass the relevant – and often challenging — certification exams. The nature of the exams is such that you need to use certain resources, when preparing. In some cases, the resources for a particular certification will be found in the website of the body that administers the said certification. In some other ... Read More »

Inspiration for the Masses: What Makes Lanzarote Such a Unique Destination

When you work hard day-in day-out it is so easy to forget about the rest of the world and become glued to your job. It is important to take a step back from time to time and gain some perspective. With its stunning natural landscape and original character, Lanzarote is the perfect place to do this. Through the course of ... Read More »